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A B-school is incomplete without any expression or rather a platform for expression. Abhivyakti which aptly stands for the meaning “expression” in Hindi is a trimonthly magazine. This magazine is completely authored and structured by the bright minds of DoMS. It is the ideal platform for the budding managers to express their acumen in management. This magazine incorporates different articles written by in-house researchers and writers. The magazine is complete only when the industry is also taken into confidence. The magazine includes articles written by the industry stalwarts. The interviews and experiences shared by the alumni take them into their nostalgic days.
1. Abhivyakthi Vol 2
2. Abhivyakthi Vol 3
3. Abhivyakthi Vol 5
4. Abhivyakthi Vol 6
5. Abhivyakthi Vol 7


The Finance Club of DoMS NITT is a significant student driven initiative with members having varied backgrounds and experiences thereby adding to the overall quality of Knowledge sharing. The members of the finance club come up with a monthly magazine so called Monetarist which covers the global scenario, finance quiz and information pertaining to stock & shares, debt and derivative markets.
1. finmag Vol 1
2. finmag Vol 2
3. finmag Vol 3
4. finmag Vol 4
5. finmag Vol 5

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