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The classroom routine in the department of management studies has been remarkably supplemented with various student clubs and activities. These clubs provide opportunities to the students to broaden their horizon and perspective on one hand and to develop personal qualities and skills on the other.




“Data are widely available; what is scarce, is the ability to extract wisdom from them.” – Hal R. Varian

This is what gives us a push to find the root cause of problem and come up with a sustainable solution. The main purpose of “Analytica” is to equip students with the necessary statistical and computational skills, to unravel hidden pattern in the data and provide a useful insight into the problem. The solution hence generated is conveyed in a presentable and meaningful form. Students are instilled with an objective of lessening the uncertainity to make wise decisions. The club organised lectures by prominent personalities from the industry along with workshops on SQL, R, Python, MATLAB, SAS, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Game Theory. The club has also kick-started a unique “Weekday Peer Learning” programme, wherein, students are encouraged to take charge of topics related to Analytics and lead the next session. Under the guidance of Dr. M. Punniyamoorthy, our esteemed professor & mentor, and support of widespread alumni network we thrive to move with the pace of the industry. The club continues to connect students with faculty, alumni, and industry experts to communicate the importance of Analytics in business.





An in-house club initiated by the 37th Batch of DoMS, NITT, the Regimen Club conducts weekly group discussions, debates, business quizzes, mock interviews, that aim to provide an overall development of the student in terms of professional communication skills, team building and team management. Students are equipped to face interviews thanks to the enterprise of the club





Marketing is the imperative link that connects customer needs with creative solutions. Nisadya, named after the Sanskrit Word for ‘Market Place’, focuses on equipping the budding marketers with the ever changing marketing and related disciplines. ‘Nisadya’ aims to enable students build their marketing acumen by learning about practicalities of marketing through real life examples.




The Finance Club of DoMS NITT - Vittiya is a significant student driven initiative with members having varied backgrounds and experiences thereby adding to the overall quality of Knowledge sharing. The club intends not only to impart subjective, static concepts of Finance but more importantly to enable members to understand and appreciate its dynamic elements, implications and their applicability and impact in the practical world. Periodic Quizzes and Finance related games are conducted to stimulate interest and educate the students about the modus operandi of the financial system.



SEC club


Societal commitments, entrepreneurial spirits, and cultural magmas have to be nurtured and inculcated in a manager. SEC which was formed in 2010 to cater to and uplift the less fortunate people in the society club, promotes and endeavors towards this cause. SEC club conducts events with the entrepreneurs of startup firms. A manager can be a complete human only when he cares for the society as well. They are trained to strive for humanity and the achievement of the harmony that accompanies accomplishment of such goals.




Managing the human capital is the most difficult task .This club helps the students to discuss HR case studies tactfully. It provides a platform for the students to polish their public speaking skills through activities like Smart manager of the year (MAVERICK), role plays and various other team building exercises. Personality building exercises are done to tailor the student to the needs of the industry. This helps in inculcating in them the expected mannerisms and thus moulding them into classy managers.



In this era of women empowerment, it comes as no surprise that the girls of DoMS have a natural drive to learn the quintessential businesses that thrive in the world. Opal-D Business Quizzes (ODBQ) bring to life the hostel every Wednesday at 8:30pm with girls competing in teams to win the week’s contest. The main aim of ODBQ is to create awareness about happenings in the field of marketing.

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