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Mentorship Programme

The strength of every institute lies in the support forged by the Alumni and DoMS-NIT Trichy is no exception. We, the students of DoMS-NIT Trichy would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our remarkable alumni for extending their constant support and    concern towards the overall development of DoMS. Experience is the best teacher and the students can learn best from the illustrious alumni who have been there and done that. The Mentorship Program has been initiated to encourage such healthy interaction and learning.

The Mentorship Program of DoMS-NIT Trichy is built upon the premise that inputs based on practical experience, macro-level insights and networking opportunities – all immensely necessary for a Graduating MBA student is best provided by corporate practitioners. This Program helps bridge the gap between classroom theoretical knowledge and the pragmatic realities of the business world by providing students the opportunity to learn about the way business is practiced today, under the guidance of experienced professionals. It enables students to explore different industries, review career paths, and shape personal goals, while mentors gain the opportunity to help students define their futures and further enhance their own MBA experience.

The Mentorship program is designed to be flexible in adapting to the varying schedules and differing needs of the participants. This means that mentors and students work together to define the scope of the relationship. For instance, some participants may prefer it best to talk on a regular basis while others may   decide that a more informal contact is better, based upon need. The main goal is that the relationship must be mutually beneficial and does not become too demanding for the mentor or too limiting for the student.

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